With images that range from Kitty Hawk to the moon, from Duke Ellington to Bruce Springsteen, Landscape of a Nation takes its viewers on a journey through America in the 20th century and beyond. Produced over three and a half years, the original mural required a collective investment of more than 9,000 hours of research, layout, and drawing by a team of talented individuals.

Originally, the mural was commissioned as corporate artwork that would include some 25 historical images. But after listening to Billy Joel’s song “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, the mural’s originators were inspired to take the project in a new direction. Hearing the song’s vivid portrayal of a generation, they soon expanded the mural design to encompass all aspects of American life from 1900 until today. Ultimately, they incorporated nearly 750 images, representing significant events, individuals, and themes in sports, entertainment, government, and culture.